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I agree – a win for Virginia employers, which will lead to higher legal fees for all

I came across a well written article and Virginia law update this morning on a recent Virginia Supreme Court decision that has had a direct impact how attorneys handle non-compete agreements in Virginia courts. In the past, if an employee wanted the court to decide if his or her employment agreement was valid and binding, the Court […]

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Texas lawyer also preaching the gospel of what “right to work” really means

Just yesterday I wrote maybe my 20th article on what “right to work” really means, and today, I came across this great article written by a Dallas Texas employment attorney. Keith Crouse writes about critical mistakes employees make regarding their non-compete agreement. Glad to see that while the law of Virginia and Texas may be […]

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You don’t have a right to work in a right to work state

When you hear you work and live in a “right to work” state, please know, it has nothing to do with your non-competition agreement. In fact, all the federal right to work law says is that you cannot be forced to join a union. There you have it. If you live in a ‘Right to […]

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