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By: John Smith

Just today I told two someones life isn’t fair -

Just today I told a client that I was sorry he was being sued and had to pay attorneys fees. I was sorry because there is almost no feasible way the corporation that is suing him can win one single dollar or dime in damages. And no, I explained, there was nothing I could do to make the […]

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Employees and LinkedIn Accounts

Many of my firm’s clients have LinkedIn accounts.   Some started using this social media site on their own and some where encouraged (even required) to open an account by their employers.  Regardless of the reason, a LinkedIn account can bring you business and help you network within your trade or industry. However, the big question […]

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Why Virginia Courts will not re-draft your contract to be reasonable

Virginia is a wonderful place. It is for lovers. It has mountains and oceans and delightful seasons. We have both urban and rural, crowded and vast spaces. It is a Commonwealth, and when I read a contract that states Virginia is a State (and doesn’t reference the fact it is a Commonwealth) I presume the […]

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