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When the relationship ends – who gets what?

Business relationships are like romantic relationships in many ways. When the relationship is over, you must determine who gets what, and who is entitled / owns what. Listen to our recent podcast on how to divide the stuff (so to speak) when you leave a business for another.    

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LinkedIn and Non-Competition Agreements

Most business folks know about LinkedIn.  A social networking site designed for business and professional communities. The goal of the site is to allow members to establish and document networks of professionals they know and trust.  Many companies want their employees to have a presence on LinkedIn, which can lead to more business (read “sales and income”) to the employer. […]

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Amazon does the right thing with non-competes

Kudo’s to Amazon (but they had to be shamed into it).  Business Insider reports that Amazon, which employs over 88,000 workers world-wide, plans to remove “non-compete” clauses from its employment contracts for US workers paid by the hour.  By signing the non-compete agreement, workers pledged not to:   …engage in or support the development, manufacture, marketing, or […]

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