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Yes even your doctor has a non-compete – should you care?

This morning I stumbled across an article about NC Doctors who are currently spending more time in Court than their patients would like. Here is the scenario. Doctor is hired by a practice to serve patients but asked to sign a contract that when she leaves the practice, she won’t provide same or similar services […]

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Why it’s better to save money than win in Court!

I love quizzes and magazine surveys. Let’s take a short one here. Would you rather: Spend (a) $2,000 or (b) $20,000 on attorneys fees? Obviously  – b.   Let go of a dispute quickly by (a) walking away, or (b) fighting it out until the end and having a judge say you win? Tougher question.   […]

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When the relationship ends – who gets what?

Business relationships are like romantic relationships in many ways. When the relationship is over, you must determine who gets what, and who is entitled / owns what. Listen to our recent podcast on how to divide the stuff (so to speak) when you leave a business for another.    

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